Many of the supply chains that drive today’s global economy are inherently complicated due to their reliance on obsolete systems and still being predominantly paper based. This in effect has an impact on the processing efficiency where goods are further delayed before reaching the intended recipient. OriginTrail who have been around since 2013, now aim to revolutionise the supply chain industry by improving transparency and interoperability through the use of Blockchain technology.

Fundamentally OriginTrail, through their protocol solution will allow data sharing between different multi-organisation supply chains based on blockchain and their own ODN (OriginTrail Decentralised Network). This will then enable greater transparency through the whole supply chain process and create a more accurate tracking facility for each party involved as well as protecting them from any fraudulent behaviour. Data quality and integrity is maintained using blockchain which by its very nature makes it tamper-proof and decentralised.

OriginTrail more accurately portrays itself as an ecosystem by having the ability to link different entities from around the globe together onto one common platform. This in itself will make it a very powerful vehicle for all those involved and will defnitely help streamline processes. To ensure compatibility between businesses OriginTrail have successfully partnered with GS1, where GS1 is the global standard when it comes to supply chains. GS1 are more widely known for their control of the global supply of barcodes, and by OriginTrail partnering with them, this will help give potential clients added reassurance and ease main stream adoption.

It is important for any company in the blockchain space to continually form partnerships with big names as this will then increase the likelihood of mainstream adoption, and this is one area OriginTrail have had no diffculty with. Other partnerships they have established by providing infrastructure services is with EVRYTHNG, who provide a traceability service for everyday consumer products as well as TagItSmart to help prove the veracity of wines being imported into China. Another significant use case that OriginTrail have successfully piloted is the integration of laboratory data with their blockchain-based solution.

In conclusion, OriginTrail have created a platform that can no doubt improve the current supply chain process in terms of efficiency, transparency and data integrity. Their solution will help a range of businesses to identify, capture and share data through the supply chain digitally and therefore more accurately. They are also collaborating with some key players such as GS1 and now Oracle which is the latest partnership to be announced. And from a personal point of view from someone working in the retail industry as an IT Systems Manager, I know firsthand how important GS1 are. They are the organisation that any manufacturer/retailer will go to for their barcode solution and supply chain standards. And because of this I believe OriginTrail will establish itself as a viable alternative to the current supply chain systems we have in the World today.

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